'Tipsy' Partygoers Confuse Real Cops for Strippers

'Tipsy' Partygoers Confuse Real Cops for Strippers

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MAINZ, Germany — Strippers dressed as cops are a tale as old as time, which could explain why revelers at one German birthday party got a bit confused when two officers showed up over a noise complaint.

Police were called to a party tent in the southwestern town of Bendorf on Sunday after a 50th birthday celebration got a bit too loud. That’s when the women went wild.

“When the two male officers arrived they were cheered by the crowd” because the partygoers thought strippers had arrived, the police department said in a statement.

Several attempts to explain to the “approximately 10 tipsy women” that the officers were genuine law enforcement “were completely unsuccessful,” police added.

Image: Bobby Moynihan in "Playing House"

Well, hello! Bobby Moynihan played a stripping cop in a 2014 episode of TV series “Playing House.”